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Whether you’ve recently moved to the area, or have relocated to a new neighborhood, you’ll likely find yourself in search of a new Tampa dentist soon. With so many options in this widespread city, we have put together a few questions that we hope will help you make a quick decision!

Is the New Tampa Dentist You are Considering a Chain Location?

Many of the dentist offices you’ll come across in the Tampa Bay area are chains with many locations in multiple states. Friendly Smiles is a privately-owned dentist office. We take pride in getting to know each of our patients and their families. We believe this ultimately leads to a more personalized level of care. Friendly Smiles Dental Care takes pride in providing you with a team of dentists that get to know you throughout your time as a patient. This personal touch goes a long way since some dental procedures can become costly.

How Close to Home is Your New Tampa Dentist?

While searching for a new dentist in the Tampa area, it is important to consider the proximity of the office to your home. If you are someone who prefers the office location to be near work, then special consideration needs to be taken there too. Typically, patients prefer their dentist office location be near home since they are often scheduling their appointments at the beginning of the work day, or end. Friendly Smiles Dental Care has four locations in four unique suburbs of Tampa, Florida. These locations are in the nearby neighborhoods of Town & Country, LutzCarrollwood, and Odessa.

What Procedures Does Your Prospective Tampa Dentist Perform?

This might seem like an obvious question during your search for a new dentist, but this is something you should investigate prior to making your appointment. Visit their website and find a list of their core services. You may also want to know if this dentist performs any cosmetic dentistry procedures such as Teeth Whitening or Invisalign. While these are not typical services patients require, it is nice to know you can find everything you need under one roof. Take a look at the dental services we provide to see if Friendly Smiles has what you are looking for.

What Insurance is Accepted at Your New Tampa Dentist?

Friendly Smiles accepts many PPO, Dental HMO, and Fee for Service plans. You can view the insurances we accept here. We do recommend you contact your prospective dentist to see if they accept your insurance plan.

Does Your New Dentist “Cater to Cowards”?

Unfortunately, some patients become anxious when they visit the dentist. These patients are self-proclaimed “cowards”. We want to help make your visit more positive and preventative. The phrase “Cater to Cowards” is a common term used in dentistry that implies whether a dentist will take precautions to make your procedure less frightening. At Friendly Smiles, our dentists are trained in the practice of Oral Sedation. Oral Sedation is a simple alternative to nitrous oxide which is administered to the patient in the form of a pill. Typically, patients feel a bit drowsy, but remain conscious throughout their procedure. This feeling is preferred over the anxiety some people experience while visiting the dentist.

We hope this brief list of questions will act as a helpful guide throughout your search for a new Tampa dentist. If any of our office locations are a good fit for you and your family, we invite you to get to know our team of gentle, caring doctors and hygienists.