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You’re sitting in the waiting area of the dentist’s office biting your nails and feeling anxious about your dental procedure. But what if it didn’t have to be this way? At Friendly Smiles, we have a new method allowing us to “Cater to Cowards” and want to ensure your experience is as calm and relaxing as possible. That’s why we offer oral sedation to our patients.

Procedures It’s Used For

Whether it’s a simple teeth cleaning or something a little bigger, oral sedation can be used to help calm your nerves for any dental procedure.

Oral sedation is an alternative for nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas. Instead of inhaling laughing gas, oral sedation is administered orally in the form of a pill. When taken, it gives patients a relaxed, amnesic effect – helping your fear melt away.

Certifications Required for Oral Sedation

When getting this type of sedation, it’s important put your trust in a dentist who is specially trained. Dentists are required to take an extensive course on Advanced Cardiac Life Support & Airway Management, to make sure each patient is properly dosed and monitored for their procedure.

What does Oral Sedation Feel Like?

Typically, patients will experience drowsiness while still remaining conscious during their dental procedure. What makes oral sedation special is that it eases the pain and anxiety associated with sitting in the dental chair, while still allowing you to be responsive to your dentist. Oh, and did we forget to mention? It makes most dental procedures virtually pain-free!

Sometimes Called Sleep Dentistry

Oral sedation is a form of sleep dentistry. The goal of sleep dentistry is to help ease the fear in anxious patients. At Friendly Smiles, we administer an oral pill called Halcion as part of our Sleep Dentistry practice.

Potential Side Effects of Oral Sedation

Typically, patients will feel tired and groggy after the treatment is complete, as the sedation takes a little while to wear off. Because of this, it is recommended that someone you trust takes you to and from your appointment.

Are You Ready to Stop Fearing the Dentist?

Want to learn more about oral sedation and whether it could be right for you? Book a free consultation with one of our gentle dentists to find out of you’d be a good candidate. To speak with the Friendly Smiles team about your options, request an appointment online or call us today to schedule an appointment at one of our 4 convenient locations.

For more information regarding oral sedation contact us or request an appointment!