Teeth Whitening

Do you have an upcoming special event coming up? Wedding? Holiday? Or you just want a brighter smile?

Having a bright white smile is a great way to get noticed and be a confidence booster for anyone. Depending on your everyday choices on what you eat and drink can cause your teeth to look stained. Professional teeth whitening can make all the difference in one’s smile. At Friendly Smiles Dental Care we offer at home teeth whitening systems – Liquid Smile, Pola Day and Pola Night. We also offer Zoom teeth whitening in our offices. 

Poladay & Polanight – At home teeth whitening systems
Just 15 minutes once a day!

Poladay is a high viscosity, neutral pH tooth whitening gels that ensures great comfort with custom trays. It is a high water content which reduces dehydration of the enamel and decreased sensitivity. The taste of Poladay is flavored spearmint which is fresh and long lasting.
Polanight contains a desensitizing agent. The neutral pH ensures a full release of the peroxide without causing discomfort. 

ZOOM Teeth Whitening is a professional whitening solution available at Friendly Smiles. During your consultation with your dental professional, we would provide you a recommendation that best fits your needs and wants and within your budget. 

The ZOOM Teeth Whitening will transform your smile!

For more information regarding teeth whitening prices contact us or request an appointment!