Dr. Peter W. Worth, DMD – More than a Friendly Smile

Dr. Worth or Friendly Smiles Dental Care

Dr. Peter Worth, DMD has travelled the world and lived in some places that most would only dream of visiting, including Australia and Canada. He now resides in Ybor City, Tampa (which he says is the strangest place he’s lived yet) and is enjoying his time as one of the dedicated dentists on the Friendly Smiles Dental Care team.

The Passion Behind Dr. Worth’s Friendly Smile

The reason Dr. Worth enjoys working at Friendly Smiles is simple: the patients. One thing that continues to make him smile is that even though he has moved between offices, his patients follow him for dental care. Dr. Worth says, “Friendly Smiles is full of excellent providers, but the continuing trust and loyalty patients show me is the best compliment I can ask for.” Dr. Worth also says that working with a staff that is passionately devoted to the oral health of their patients continues to inspire him daily.

Keeping it Interesting

As much as Dr. Worth enjoys spending time with patients at the Friendly Smiles office, he also enjoys his relaxation time on his days off. His idea of a perfect weekend includes hopping on a plane from TPA and traveling someplace new. When he’s not jetting off to an exciting destination, you can find him at home tending to his plants, Plant Jemimah (bamboo tree), Barbara Bush (palm), Harriet Shrubman (calla lily) and avidly watching Survivor or Big Brother.

Times Are Changing in the Dental Industry

As a dentist on the Friendly Smiles Dental team, Dr. Worth has a great deal of experience helping patients who have dental anxiety. But the industry is changing, and Dr. Worth says one of the most notable changes is the reduction of fear and anxiety surrounding visits to the dentist’s office. Dr. Worth says, “As technology improves, patients will find dental visits becoming less invasive, faster, and more comfortable. Friendly Smiles also offers sedation options that are very safe and becoming more routine for general and esthetic procedures.” At Friendly Smiles, catering to cowards is what we do, and we are always looking for ways to improve the patient experience.

At Friendly Smiles, we are passionate about staffing our Tampa offices with the most caring and experienced dentists that Florida has to offer. We are grateful to have Dr. Peter Worth on our team, changing the lives of patients one smile at a time.

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