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Dr. Foley of Friendly Smiles Dental Care

Sometimes, you don’t always find your inspiration in the first place you check. For Dr. Michael J. Foley, this was the case when finding a career he was passionate about. Originally graduating from college with a degree in marketing, he went on to work for a marketing firm for close to a year. But something was missing from his life. After a lot of soul searching, Dr. Foley found his calling in the field of dentistry.

A Passion for Dentistry

Dentistry is Dr. Foley’s passion, because it allows him to combine both his scientific and artistic mind in a way that can help others. Dr. Foley graduated from the University of Florida Dental School and stays active in new dental studies. This helps him stay current with all of the latest trends and technologies coming onto the market. The dental industry is always evolving, and Dr. Foley is excited about incorporating these new technologies into his dental care to help make procedures more comfortable and convenient for patients.

A Love of the Strange and Unusual

Dentistry isn’t Dr. Foley’s only passion in life. He is a collector of all things weird and unusual – especially circus collectables and items considered to be “famous hoaxes”. He loves objects that tell a story or have some kind of historical significance to them. Because of his interest in unusual history, it’s only natural he’d chose Robert Ripley of Ripley’s Believe It or Not as his ideal person to have dinner with. Dr. Foley says, “He was (and still is) considered to be one of the most traveled people in history. I’m sure he would have a lot of interesting stories to share.”

Family Matters in Dentistry

Dr. Foley has been with Friendly Smiles since 2016. One of the things he enjoys most about being a part of our team is the family atmosphere that lives in all of our Tampa area offices. Not only does this create a pleasant workday for our dentists, it provides a welcoming atmosphere to all of our patients. Dr. Foley says that having a fun and enthusiastic work family makes his days at the office much more enjoyable. The feeling is mutual, as were thankful to have Dr. Foley as part of our team!

In his time at our Lutz and Waters offices, Dr. Foley has helped many patients on their journey to a beautiful smile. Dr. Foley’s favorite compliment he’s received was when a 5-year-old took a look at his white coat and told him he looked like a “karate master”. He says he thinks of himself as more of a “tooth ninja” though – and we have to agree!

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