Dr. Diana Johnson – More than a Friendly Smile

Dr. Johnson of Friendly Smiles Dental Care

At Friendly Smiles, the passion of our gentle dental team shines through in the work they do each day. With dentists like Dr. Diana Johnson, DDS on our team, it’s no wonder our patients feel a warm and welcoming heir about our Tampa dental offices.

Where It All Began

At the young age of 14, Dr. Johnson met a woman whose daughter was graduating from Dental Hygiene School – and from that moment she was onboard. She really liked the idea of being able to work in healthcare with patients who could be seen and go on their way after treatment – unlike in a hospital setting. After working in her career as a dental hygienist she decided she wanted more. This is when she made the decision to become a dentist, which Dr. Johnson says she has never regretted.

Believing in Second Chances

Dr. Johnson is a caring person through and through who believes that everyone deserves a second chance. Not only does she care greatly for her patients, Dr. Johnson is also passionate about rescue pets. This is a love that she’s instilled in her two grown children, who each have two rescue pets of their own! And of course, Dr. Johnson and her husband have 3 rescue animals at home too. On the weekends you can catch her spending time with family, reading, and playing with her fur babies.

Why Dr. Johnson Keeps Smiling

There’s a reason why Dr. Johnson has been with the Friendly Smiles team for 25 years. She loves the sense of community our dental practice has and how everyone is treated like family – patients and employees alike. Dr. Johnson says, “We work well together, and care about our patients and each other”. Our team loves the kindness and uplifting spirit that Dr. Johnson brings into our Tampa offices each and every day.

Dr. Johnson is a staple to the Friendly Smiles team, who after 25 amazing years still continues to put a smile on the faces of our patients and staff. For care that’s second to none, let Dr. Johnson and the gentle dental team at Friendly Smiles take care of you.

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