Three Questions for Your Next Family Dentist

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The Three Things to Consider When Looking for a New Family Dentist Going to the dentist is a personal experience. Families quickly become comfortable with their dental team, and often stick with them for years. This is an ideal situation, but we all know that life comes at us fast. Maybe you are new to […]

Top Food and Drinks that Stain Your Teeth

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Top Food and Drinks that Stain Your Teeth Are you looking for the newest craze to get your morning started and keep your smile bright? Enter: Colorless coffee! With the recent introduction of this caffeinated wonder, coffee lovers are rejoicing without the worry of their “morning joe” staining their teeth. With a solution such as […]

Dental Tips for the Month of May

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Why you May want to rethink your dental care this month… May is a month of fresh flowers, the start of summer, and the opportunity for a LOT of photography. With big events right around the corner this month, you might want to consider how your smile is going to be captured and immortalized. At Friendly […]